Sunday, February 13, 2011

Real Live Tot School!

There was all sorts of fun to be had this week! I've finally figured out a good system to fit some "formal" Tot School in for little Ol.  My sister has offered to take Silas while Oliver naps on Thursday afternoons, which leaves me time to get some work-related things done on the computer and then a half hour of  Tot School once he wakes up.  My wonderful sister (thanks Laura!) also often takes Silas on Saturday mornings for a few hours, giving me another chance to sit down with Oliver one on one.  I'm happy to have a lot of photos to share this week!  Some real live Tot School at last!

Both Silas and Oliver were busy getting ready for Valentine's Day and Oliver got right in to collages.  I helped him pain glue all over his paper and he pounded different shapes and textures down with a firm "tick, tick!" (stick, stick!) each time.  Made some lovely busy collages too - presents for all the grandpas and aunties.

I also brought our do-a-dot markers.  I had a few bingo markers but didn't really bring them out much as they weren't washable.  Do-a-dots are and Oliver had a blast with them!

This book (Animal Hide And Seek) was SUCH a hit with Oliver. I haven't had it out in a while and he spent a lot of time with it this week.  I now have it memorized!  Two of his favorite things are tractors and chickens and this book has plenty of both, along with lots of flaps and differently textured items!

He's also been spending a lot of time "tickling" his own belly, complete with 'thlickle thlikle' sound effects!  It's too cute, I had to share!

He completed this puzzle with only some verbal guidance from me - a first. His favorite part is definitely still the clapping at the end!

He loves to sit at the computer with us.  Here he's learning about roping techniques from youtube with dad.  He looks really interested, doesn't he?

He's really into inserting things right now, so this wooden bead set with the big wooden needle was very absorbing for him.  Isn't it fascinating how much they like to try, try, try until it's mastered!  I could watch him "play" all day!

By the end of one beading session, he'd figured out how to get three or four beads on the 'needle', but would need help moving his bottom hand to allow the beads to slide down to the string without them all falling off in the process.  We'll do this one some more soon!

Another timely item was this wooden stacking set. He was fascinated with the peg one side sliding into the hole of the other.  He stacked some up on the floor, but mostly played with them in his hands for a better view of how things worked. .

I showed him the little smiley face on the ball belong to this set and he spent about five minutes putting it on and off the stack, getting right down next to it, saying "Ha da-da!" (Hi baby!).  

I have to say that this age is my absolute favorite!  They take their play so seriously, carefully repeating things over and over, imitating and copying those around them as if the world depended on it, and new words and communication strategies popping out every day.  Everything they do, even their saucy little "Moe!" s (No!) with a chubby little foot stomped on the floor makes me want to bust out laughing!  I'm really enjoying this time with Oliver, and I'm so thankful we've decided to have more kids.  No tearful goodbye to this toddler stage I love, thank goodness!  This is what gets me through that sleepless first year and those arguing three year olds ;D  !

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  1. stopping by from 1+1+1=1 :)
    Love those beads with the big needle, I'm brainstorming right now how I could make some from stuff I already have. I think my son would love those. I haven't been brave enough to try dot markers with him yet, maybe I'll try that this week.
    Stop by my tot school post if you get a chance:

  2. How fun! Looks like a great week! Followed over from the tot school linky! :)

  3. Sela, I used to have bingo markers cause that's all I could find in my small town. Then, on a trip to Micheal's in the 'big city' I chanced upon them and remembered them from the 1+1+1=1 blog so grabbed them. We use them all the time because they're WASHABLE! Oliver really enjoys them so I'm glad I found some!

    Mommy Sarah, thanks for stopping by!