Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Bit of Home Preschool

It was a short week here.  We do home preschool stuff for 30-45 minutes while Oliver's napping but Silas was sick for a few days and ended up napping himself.  Saturday was also a bust as I was not only expecting company for dinner but we also went to a baby shower in the early afternoon.  So Silas and I played a quick game of Shapes Snap, then he went to play legos in my room for the rest of quiet time while I got the house and food ready for company!  Here's what we did do:

More puzzles!  Silas has been enjoying puzzles lately, so I brought up another wooden puzzle from the set of four he received for Christmas.  This one was full of lizards, snakes and alligators.

We were also passed on a Canada puzzle from some cousins and we put it together many times this week.  He enjoyed learning where his friend Jeremy lives (Montreal) and where our "holiday mall" was situated (Edmonton) and where Santa Claus lives!  Now I need to find a BC puzzle so we can locate where his cousins live!  I suppose a regular map would work as well, but puzzles do provide a good way to talk about geography while keeping busy.

We always enjoy the smelly felts.  I showed him how to draw a loopy, lazy scribble then fill it in with lots of colours. It was the first time I've every seen him concentrate on staying in the lines and filling in all the blank spaces.  We've never really done colouring books and the like, so this surprised me a bit.  I've been pleasantly surprised quite a bit lately!

We did more cutting from the Kumon "Let's Cut Paper!" book.  I sort of thought his cutting skills were lagging a bit, but during our art time this week I realized he cuts fairly well on a straight line.  It's the curves and turns where he struggles a bit.  And really, looking at the pages he completed above, he did them pretty well too! For a three year old, that's just fine!  He really enjoys these Kumon books, though, so I'll probably get the "More Let's Cut Paper" book before I move on to the "My First Book of Cutting" just to keep it fun for him.

He really enjoyed making these Valentine's Day tissue paper flowers for the grandmas.  He can't wait to hand them out!  I predict quite a bit of visiting on Valentine's day!

These two are such good brothers.  They enjoy a bit of cuddle as much as they enjoy a good tussle.  They play together as much as the fight!  It will be so interesting watching them grow up together!  Here they're watching a bit of A Bug's Life before bed.

I'll be linking this post up to the Weekly Wrap-Up as well as Preschool Corner.


  1. His Valentine Tissue Paper Flowers turned out adorable!

  2. Thanks! They're so easy to create as well, just wrap a pipe cleaner around the base of some gathered tissue squares!