Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the beginning . . .

So this is the part where I briefly introduce my family, right? I know them, over time you may get to know them a little as well. We'll start with Scott. He's the epitome of a husband, if you ask me (I probably shouldn't tell him about this blog!). He's just what every typical husband is, at least, the typical husbands you imagine. He's honest and dependable. He likes to tease and bug. He's loves me and the kids. He doesn't wash the dishes or pick up the floor unless you ask him too (and even then he forgets). He leaves stacks of papers all over the house and then gets mad cause he can't find them where he left them. He does love us, and even though he's not really a flowers-for-fun kind of guy, we all know it. He's a rancher. And a carpenter. And a custom-woodworker (you know, bed made specifically to match Great-Aunt Tildy's antique chair kind of stuff). He raises beef, sheep, and horses. He'd love to get into dogs, but I figure 11 is enough. Yes, eleven. But don't worry, only five are in the house. Husband says the outside ones don't count as they live with the sheep, but dog food is dog food if you ask me and we pretty much buy out a store each month.

Tawny. She's 14. Boy is she 14! Most of the time, well, maybe half the time, she's fabulous. She's funny, engaged, enthusiastic and interesting. She thinks we're at least partly interesting (or at least she's good at pretending we're partly interesting). Then there's the evil side that emerges occasionally. I haven't quite pinned down a reason. I've briefly considered tracking her moods to see if it has to do with the phases of the moon, or her intake of processed foods, or activity level or something. But honestly, I'm surprised I've had enough to get all this written - in one shot none-the-less! So, Husband and I try and weather the moods out in good humor, and with at least a trace of dignity, hoping for the best. Besides keeping us on our toys, Lulu loves sports - especially basketball, soccer and rugby. Oh, and running. She's an avid runner, which kinda makes me gag seeing as how I NEVER run, and she's out most days she doesn't have some sort of sports practice (and some days even if she does). She's drop dead gorgeous, of course, only she'd never believe you or anyone else if you told her that. I love the dimples on her cheeks! Naturally, she's also smart and talented. She's in art and plays clarinet. She's usually on the honor roll, in french immersion at the highschool in town. Math is giving her trouble this year though. She's currently looking for a part time job as her spending wants far outstrip what we consider necessary. Once she gets into fancy shampoo, million dollar phones and mp3's she's on her own!

Silas is the baby right now. It'll be interesting to see how he adjusts to a younger sibling. He's front and center most days of my life, and he loves it. So do I if we're being honest here. I'm not sure how I'LL adjust to him having a sibling! He's a typical little boy, into tractors and trucks and bikes (anything with wheels!). Add to the list balls, animals, eating ice and snow, splashing in puddles, making the rounds of family's houses on the ranch and eating and you'd have a pretty good idea of how our days unfold. I'd say he's pretty lucky in that we live on a ranch. Tractors driven by grandad, skidders by Bacca, horses by dad, quads by auntie. Sheep, cows, horses, cats, dogs, squirrels and birds everywhere. Puddles galore! What more could a kid in rubber boots ask for? He makes the days easy with his enthusiasm for these simple pleasures.

And then there's me. Stay at home mom. By choice. Certainly not because we're rolling in the money, and it's not easy, but it is important to us. I work once a week or so for 3 to 6 hours at a daycare, but I doubt that will last much longer. I have other things on the go! I'm currently creating a business with my sister La and friend Jo. We're getting into produce delivery service. I'm a little frightened by the over-whelmingly busy summer coming up, but I guess I'm ready to jump in (do I sound enthusiastic enough?). We'll see how it goes. La and I are even going to sell produce we grow in our gigantic garden to the company. We'll see how that goes too! I envision a lot of weeding in my future. At least that's something I can probably do with a newborn.